1. Urban Scenes/Buildings​​

Welcome to ​my memories in watercolor.  

— Cynthia​

Bridge in Girona, Spain #1

This is a bridge on another part of the Rio Onyar showcasing the cathedral with its baroque facade and reached via a grand stairway, has the widest single-span Gothic arch in Europe.  

Framed and matted -  20" high x 16" wide.

Bridge at Girona, Spain #2

This is another view of the brightly restored houses along the Rio Onyar.

Framed and matted - 20" high x 16" wide

La Finca Del Nino

While in Malaga, Spain in 2015, I stayed at an operating mango farm.  

The front gate was so inviting. 

Framed and matted - 30 1/2" high x 24" wide

Breakfast at Santorini

In June 2016, while on a painting trip to Greece, we had the pleasure of staying at the Santorini Palace.  This is a watercolour painting of  the scene from my breakfast table.   

Framed size is 17" H x 12 1/4 " wide.

Hotel on Korcula Island, Croatia

In September 2010, while painting on Korcula Island in Croatia, we visited many villages along the coast.  All were truly beautiful, clean and friendly!  Here is one of  the hotels I stopped in from of and sketched, later to finish in the studio 

Here I am in Dubrovnik in Croatia, in the region of Dalmatia.  It is a UNESCO world Heritage Site  This is a walled city besieged by the Serb and Montenegrin soldiers for several months.  Although significant damage was done, restoration works and repairs later in the 1990 and 2000's, Dubrovnik re-emerged as one of the leading destinations in the Mediterranean.  Fortunately Korcula Island,  located about 12 miles off shore, was not affected.  Harpist entertaining us.

Near Malaga, Spain, is "La Finca Del Nino", an art retreat on an active 10 acre mango farm.  During our stay there, we travelled to several locations to paint en plein air.  We also had a few occasions to watch Spanish dancers.  Fascinating!

The front gate, which I painted above is most welcoming.  Met some painters there that I had painted with before.  Fun meeting old friends and new ones.